Comp Cams Rocker Arm Screw & Accessories

You've read and heard that your sporty automobile can unleash up to 7000 revolutions per minute (rpm), but why are you getting much, much less? One of the probable reasons you're not getting enough horsepower from your system is the rocker. There must be something wrong with its mounting, its composition, or even with some of its subcomponents like connecting parts or screws. If the rocker arm screw is the one causing the inefficiency of your engine, you can easily adjust it. However, there are instances when simple tightening or loosening may not be enough. In worst cases like damage, you can get a replacement like a Comp Cams rocker arm screw. Doing so will ensure your peace of mind knowing that your vehicle rockers are properly bolted and positioned for that guaranteed boost in power.

Proper rocker arm installation is a must to ensure high power output, and the rocker arm screw is crucial for this purpose. Installing the rocker arm is easy if you have your owner's manual to guide you. Before mounting the new rocker arm, be sure to inspect the studs, guide plates, stud bosses, and even the rocker arm and pushrod for excessive wear. See to it that there is no galling or unnecessary movement of the metals. Wipe and blow dry the ends of the pushrods to remove any dirt or imperfection that may result in the premature damage of the rocker arm. Once everything is clean, you can now install the polylocks with your new Comp Cams rocker arm screw backed off. Adjust the lifter properly and tighten polylocks and screws to lock the rocker arm in its accurate position.

And for your own convenience, you can get the Comp Cams rocker arm screw in a set of 16, each crafted from precision-machined and extremely lightweight billet steel material that is heat-treated for maximum strength. These screws will complement your planned rocker arm upgrade or your simple maintenance need. They are the ideal replacements to your old rocker arm screws.

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