Comp Cams Rocker Arm Oil Restrictor & Accessories

Your engine is always in a state of constant movement. And since it's largely composed of metal components, a great amount of friction and vibration happens, particularly in the bearings. To reduce friction, it's crucial to maintain a steady oil flow. That's where the rocker arm oil restrictor comes in handy. It directs oil into the engine bearings, lubricating them to reduce the effects of all that metal abrasion. But stock oil restrictors can only do so much. If you want to achieve more than just lubrication, then get the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Oil Restrictor.

This rocker arm oil restrictor significantly improves oil flow in the main bearings by providing the appropriate amount of lubrication to these areas. As a result, there's less friction to hamper the rocker arm from maximizing its function. And while the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Oil Restrictor provides a sufficient amount of oil to the cam bearings, it also reduces oil bleed to prevent leakage problems. Plus, when it comes to installation, you won't even have to break a sweat. All you have to do is screw this oil restrictor directly into the oil gallery and you're done. No need for expensive machine work!

Seriously, very few makers can match the quality and reliability of Comp Cams products. This brand has long since been in the business of manufacturing topnotch engine parts and valve train components suited for performance enthusiasts, engine builders, and even average car owners. Its 32 years of prominence speaks for itself. So whether your engine is made for the Monaco Grand Prix or simply for the freeway, you can be sure that Comp Cams products won't disappoint you. The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Oil Restrictor is a prime example.

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