Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster & Accessories

Don't scratch your head when your vehicle's rocker arms suddenly become loose, or when your engine rocker arm isn't adjustable. There's no need to panic because all you need is a Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster. With all the components you'll need to make your rocker arm fully adjustable, it provides an affordable and convenient way to adjust your rocker arm. For complete valvetrain control and efficiency, get this adjuster today.

The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster is a kit that includes 16 pieces of FS/FW washers and an adjustable nut with a 0.3125 stud size. When it comes to toughness and reliability, this rocker arm adjuster is sure to deliver because it is made from a kind of steel, which is heat treated for extra durability. You won't need to replace it for many years because it's simply built to last. In addition to that, this rocker arm includes an exclusive head so you can hold the adjusting wrench better, precision-machined threads for optimal seat pressure, premium spacers for raising the nut, and a high-strength adjusting nut that is made to have the perfect contact on the studs. With this set of adjusting components, you won't have to worry about modifications to your rocker arm even if it is not adjustable. All you have to do is replace the stock parts with those provided with this adjuster and valvetrain flexibility is yours.

The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster is another quality product from the leader in valvetrain manufacturing. The company has been manufacturing the finest valvetrain components for the past 32 years. Comp Cams is all about results, which is why it spends thousands of hours improving and enhancing each products, putting each through rigorous performance tests and quality checks.

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