Comp Cams Rocker Arm & Accessories

If you're looking for an effective way of boosting your engine's performance, there's no need to look for very complicated solutions. It only takes a simple yet very effective product—the Comp Cams Rocker Arm. This product is definitely what you need if you want toughness, reliability, and dependability in your rocker arm.

Comp Cams manufactures high-quality rocker arms that are made from die-cast aluminum and stainless steel. Comp Cams also has its proprietary Magnum-type rocker arms, which use chromemoly steel. This material is relatively lighter than most rocker arms without compromising strength. It is stronger than aluminum or steel, which ensures that it will not bend or break. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Comp Cams' rocker arms is that it can provide your vehicle with considerably more horsepower compared to your car's stock rocker arms. This is because all Comp Cams rocker arms are made lighter than their stock counterparts, reducing the reciprocating weight to allow higher operating speeds for your engine. With this rocker arm, you can expect instant results and you won't even have to resort to a complete engine overhaul. In addition, this rocker arm provides extremely accurate ratios that translate to better valve lift. Aside from that, it has a durable strong roller-tip design, which drastically reduces friction.

The Comp Cams Rocker Arm comes from the well-known and highly regarded Comp Cams Performance Group, a company driven by technology and dedicated to creating superior valvetrain components for the automotive aftermarket. The company uses cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art engineering, which is used for the developing and testing of its products. Moreover, Comp Cams Performance Group employs a talented engineering team, which works double time in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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