Comp Cams Rev Kit & Accessories

You have a racecar, so why settle on a street engine that can last only up to 6500 revolutions per minute (rpm)? You can do better than that! Modify your engine and fit a Comp Cams rev kit into your auto's valve train. Doing so will help your engine perform optimally without damaging the pushrod or the rocker arms, while ensuring that the lifter does not go out of the lifter bore. These are the common problems encountered when embarking on higher rpms and oval track applications like racing. A rev kit is helpful, but simple kit is never enough. It must be reliable and durable, which you can find only from a brand like Comp Cams.

The Comp Cams rev kit is a complete set of either 0.874 or 0.842 tappet, together with springs and buttons. You can expect extra strength and durability from this product because all components are made from aluminum. They are also engineered to fit any block model without the need for machining or any kind of modification, so installation is very easy. However, if you don't trust your technical skills, getting the help of your trusted technician will guarantee best results. And for your greater satisfaction, each kit comes with the manufacturer's limited warranty, ensuring your protection against substandard and imitation products from unscrupulous over-the-counter and online providers.

The Comp Cams rev kit is primarily designed as a safety measure for your high-rpm engine. Street engines may have wide rpm bands, but some are still not safe for racetrack applications. With a rev kit, you can ensure that the lifter will precisely follow your cam's profile during high-end drives. This way, possible pushrod and rocker arm failure will not throw the lifter off the lifter bore, preventing oil pressure loss and engine damage. Therefore, you can ride and rev with peace of mind. And since it is a Comp Cams product, you can rest assured that it lasts longer than any of the seemingly good products in the industry.

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