Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool & Accessories

Not all push rods are alike. Aside from the difference in engine fit, push rods also vary in capacity and assembly. Some are made for basic engine types, while some are designed for engines tuned for power and performance. But despite all these differences in specifications, they all perform the same function—to link the valve lifter to the other end of the rocker arm. So a worn-out push rod is the last thing you need. If this part is starting to act up, don't even hesitate to have it replaced. Get a quality push rod and grab the tool to help you assemble it—the Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool.

With this tool, putting your push rod together can be done in no time. How easy? Well, just follow these steps and you'll find out. First, just cut the tube by using a lathe. Second, use a grinder to soften out its sides and ends. Lastly, use the Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool to press the rod into its place. You can actually do this without bending the rods. How's that for E-A-S-Y?

Aside from innovative assembly tools, you can also get the best valve train components from Comp Cams. In case you didn't know, this brand is the absolute leader in valve train technology. For over 32 years, Comp Cams has been in the business of producing engine pats and valve train components suited for high-performance engines. But while its products are made to boost performance engines geared for the oval track, they're also effective in engines geared for street driving. After all, how can you go wrong with a brand that has been doing it for over three decades?

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