Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool & Accessories

If you know enough to tinker with your car's engine, then you're better off dealing with little adjustments yourself than bringing your ride to the nearest repair shop. Knowing enough in order to circumvent certain "limitations" inherent in the engine's design is one way through which you can save on costs. Take bore grooving for example. This process enables more oil to be injected in the valves, which helps when you're looking to push the speed envelope with your car. More oil means better lubrication. And since you want these engine parts well lubricated, the Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool is a fitting choice.

The Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool is just what your engine needs. If you want to bore grooves from 0.009 to 0.012 inches, this is all the tool you'll ever need. This allows more pressurized oil to be infused when the cam lobes and lifters come in contact. And since there's more lubrication in the valves, cam and lifter wear can be significantly reduced. In addition, this lifter bore graving tool comes with carbide cutters and handles for better tool control. If you're worried about how it's operated, don't be. It's easy to use and affordable too. As a handy trivia, the tool was developed by the minds behind NASCAR engine building. With that kind of ingenuity, you can be sure of excellent quality and performance.

If you're still having doubts with this lifter bore grooving tool, you can rest easy. There's no room for doubts when it comes to one of the leaders in valve train performance – Comp Cams. For 32 years, this brand has been in the business of manufacturing premium-grade engine parts and valve train components in the auto market. After all, you can't go wrong with over three decades of experience.

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