Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod & Accessories

The fuel pump is a part that your engine couldn't do without. This essential engine part draws gasoline from the tank and delivers it to the fuel injector nozzles. But in order for the fuel pump to drive more fuel under pressure, a push rod is necessary. It may eventually wear out just like most car parts. Push rod failure compromises the flow of gasoline through your engine. When that happens, make sure you replace it with a Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod.

The Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod is something that your mechanical fuel pump needs. It is responsible for moving the fuel diaphragm, which pumps the fuel. This fuel pump push rod is designed to lessen its reciprocating weight, thereby allowing it to follow the camshaft lobe more closely. As a result, fuel pump arm float and fuel starvation are prevented. Even at high revolutions per minute (rpm), this lightweight fuel pump push rod maintains pressure and eliminates pressure fluctuations. In addition, this fuel pump push rod decreases cam wear and protects the roller cam from possible damage. All its features make it perfect for speed- and power-oriented engines such as yours.

In the competitive auto market, this product is definitely a winner. Why? Aside from all its features, it is manufactured by Comp Cams. This brand has been manufacturing topnotch engine parts and valve train components for over three decades. Its products like the Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod are made especially to suit your performance engine. So whether your engine is built for the freeway or the grand prix, you can be sure that Comp Cams products won't disappoint you.

This innovative fuel pump push rod is available at a store where online shopping is made easy and affordable—Parts Train. To order one, simply browse through our online catalog. Indicate your vehicle make, model, and year to choose which Comp Cams fuel pump push rod is perfect for your vehicle's specifications. So what are you waiting for? Get that added spunk in your engine. Get the Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod today.