Comp Cams Distributor Gear & Accessories

Have you noticed a decrease in your engine's power? How about poor gas consumption and increased exhaust emission? If you have, you're most likely experiencing the effects of using a defective distributor setup. As we know, the distributor's efficiency greatly relies on precision and accuracy. Even one small defective part, like a distributor gear, would set back the engine's operations tremendously. But don't worry, because all you need to do is to get a Comp Cams distributor gear to get your car back in top shape.

There are several types of distributor gears made for different types of applications, like everyday driving or off-road trips. Bronze and composite are two of Comp Cams' distributor gear types. But no matter what type of gear you need, getting this product is the most practical, smartest choice to make if you want a tough, reliable distributor gear. How so? Because every Comp Cams distributor gear, bronze or composite, is an extremely durable and reliable component. So no matter what kind of Comp Cams distributor you use, your vehicle's engine performance is 100% guaranteed to improve.

Can't believe it? You should because both are made from the finest, toughest materials. The bronze distributor gear is made from AMPCO-45 extruded aluminum bronze, plus 5% of nickel. The composite distributor gear is made from Carbon Ultra-Poly Composite, and this gives it superb strength and resistant to wear and tear. Both types have a beveled, high-strength toothed design for increased grip. What's more, both have been subjected to stringent durability tests to ensure that they're capable of handling intense heat and pressure from the engine.

And as if that's not enough, this product comes with a limited warranty, too! So customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Luckily, you can get this superb component right here from Parts Train! All you need is a couple of minutes to select this product from our online catalog and to make your purchase. So don't wait until your car is a gas-wasting, smoking wreck. Buy a Comp Cams distributor gear and say goodbye to poor engine performance and money-wasting gas consumption now!