Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit & Accessories

For every performance enthusiast, there's never enough power in the engine. You always want to tweak it a bit more to improve its performance. One of the ways to improve engine performance is to mil the cylinder heads. But before that can happen, it is essential to determine the size of your combustion chambers. That's where the cylinder head CC measurement kit comes in handy. It accurately measures the compression ratios necessary to check the combustion chamber volume. If you want precise measurements, you should get the Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit.

The Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit ports and polishes your cylinder heads. By doing this, it reduces the restriction in the engine's intake and exhaust chambers. This results to a tremendous boost in engine performance. This kit has everything you need to measure combustion chamber volumes accurately. It uses a 100 cubic centimeters (cc) graduated flask that measures in 1cc increments. It also comes with a combustion chamber sealing plate for added protection.

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