Comp Cams Crankshaft Turning Tool & Accessories

It's inevitable. During engine maintenance or installation, there would always be a time when you have to tweak something in your engine and change its settings. These tweaks, no matter how irksome, help your engine fulfill its maximum potential. The crankshaft is one of the most often tweaked and configured parts in your engine. And given the importance of this part, you shouldn't just use any turning tool and risk damaging the crank snout. So what you need is a tool made specifically for this purpose, the Comp Cams crankshaft turning tool.

This component is a very useful addition to your toolbox. Let us tell you why. It allows you to safely and easily rotate the engine's crankshaft without hassle. Plus, the Comp Cams crankshaft turning tool is precision-machined to accurately fit over the crank snout. Also, it has a unique, knurled retaining nut threads-on design, so the degree wheel is firmly sandwiched in place. This way, the nuts can be loosened while it's attached to the crank snout. The degree wheel can be turned without disturbing the engine when finding the engine's top dead center. As you can see, Comp Cams has taken great care to ensure that this tool won't damage other engine parts as you turn the crankshaft, making it the best crankshaft turning tool in the market.

Twist this way. Then that way. When doing engine maintenance, it's impossible to get everything right the first time. And if you use tools that aren't made for the job, you can do more harm than good. So make sure that you only use tools that work best for your engine, like the Comp Cams crankshaft turning tool. It doesn't matter whether your engine is geared for such powerful racing or normal everyday driving. With this tool, making adjustments is as easy and harmless as it can possibly be.

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