Comp Cams Crankshaft Gear Installation Tool & Accessories

You can easily detect skilled drivers from average ones just by listening to the sounds their vehicles make. Want to know why? Professional drivers love sleek vehicles, but they love performance more. They know which parts can improve their vehicle's performance and which parts are mere accessories. They are the type of drivers who would rather invest in modifying tools than additional ornaments. They are pure enthusiasts: practical and power-loving. Are you one of them? If you are, then why not invest in a Comp Cams crankshaft gear installation tool? This product is used by most mechanics when keeping the crankshaft gear free from damage during installation.

A crankshaft gear installation tool makes installation of the crankshaft gear installation easy and accurate, especially when paired with a harmonic balancer installer. The two apply constant distributed pressure on the gear, reducing the chances of damage while it is being installed. And because the Comp Cams crankshaft gear installation tool comes from the leader in engine-building performance parts, you can expect durability and extended service life. This product is guaranteed safe, and you even get a limited warranty with every new tool you purchase.

With the Comp Cams crankshaft gear installation tool in your toolbox, you can now say goodbye to your hammer and ball sockets. Using them to install your new crankshaft gear is risky and may cause more harm than good. And by using the new Comp Cams crankshaft gear installation tool instead of conventional ones, you also get to skip the dirty work and the great amount of time you consume fiddling with your engine. Therefore, you save in two ways—you save yourself from further expenses caused by damaged gears and you save your effort that would otherwise have been wasted.

Invest in the Comp Cams crankshaft gear installation tool now. In the long run, you will see that you have saved more than if you had bought a cheaper tool. As an automobile lover and an experienced driver who handles simple and complex vehicle maintenance, you will certainly agree that a Comp Cams crank installation tool in your glove or toolbox will prove to be most beneficial. You know where to get it—only from Parts Train!