Comp Cams Camshaft Timing Bushing & Accessories

You know what your vehicle's camshaft needs to operate without a hitch? Top-of-the-line timing bushings. Nope, those aren't masses of tangled leaves and twigs your wife has been nagging you to take care of. These parts are small, but very important components of your camshaft. While your stock bushings do a, well, good enough job, a little improvement wouldn't hurt, of course. So if you want better engine performance (yes, even better than what you're enjoying now), why not try using the Comp Cams camshaft timing bushing?

This product is the simplest, easiest tool to use if you need to change the degree of your camshaft. It's a zero-degree bushing and is 0.25-degree in size. And like all the products from Comp Cams, it's precision-engineered, thus guaranteed to be of the best quality. It accurately positions your camshaft in exactly the right degree in relation to your crankshaft. No wonder that the Comp Cams timing bushing is considered the best by most automotive professionals.

The Comp Cams camshaft timing bushing comes in sets of five. This product is color-coded, so you won't have trouble identifying each bushing. Made of copper, it provides superior durability—a quality consistent in every Comp Cams product. In fact, this quality is the one that keeps the company a couple of steps ahead of the competition. And to make installation an easy-breezy process for you, this product comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. This manual will also help you troubleshoot minor troubles. All you need is a 0.40625 drill set and you're all set.

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