Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button & Accessories

You're stuck in the middle of nowhere. Or, have engine overheat in the middle of traffic. Outside the car, the weather is hot and humid. Your shirt is already starting to stick to your back. In a bad-going-to-worst situation, the last thing you need is your engine's camshaft to walk out as well. Since your spirits are already down, you don't want to have a more problems to deal with on your way home. So while you can't do something about everything, you can at least do something to prevent your cam from walking. All you need is the Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button.

This camshaft thrust button is made from sturdy nylon materials, has been heat-tested and precision-machined for maximum strength and durability. In terms of engine fit, you have nothing to worry about because this thrust button is made to fit snugly in your cam area. The Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button helps achieve an appropriate end play from your camshaft, which prevents the possibility of "cam walk" in the engine block. Aside from making it possible for the camshaft to achieve precise timing, it also reduces the chances of early wear on your timing chain.

Known as one of the leaders in valve train performance, Comp Cams is a brand you can trust with your hard-earned money. Every Comp Cams valve train product undergoes rigorous product testing to satisfy the highest standards of quality and durability. The Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button is testament to that. With every Comp Cams product you buy, you can be sure that you're getting what's best for your engine.

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