Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set & Accessories

Building an engine is never easy. The engine is composed of many parts, and to build a great engine, you mustn't overlook the details. A great example is your engine valve train. Its valves are protected by bearings to ensure superior performance. You can install high-performance valves, but if your bearings fail, the valves follow. Once you've installed better bearings, don't think that your work is over. You have to complement these bearings with excellent subcomponents like a thrust plate and a wear plate. Now, you can buy each of these parts individually, which will take time and money, or you can buy the Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set—it has everything you need and more.

The Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set is made to meet and exceed OEM limitations, especially when it comes to performance and durability. Crafted from high-grade metals, the components are sure to hold up against extreme movements and vibrations in the valve train. For additional camshaft cushion, the set comes fully equipped with a sturdy thrust plate. Aside from that, the set has moly-coated bearings and wear plates for superior strength. In terms of quality, you won't get short-changed with the Comp Cams Bearing Set.

This set comes from a renowned manufacturer in the automotive industry: the Comp Cams Performance Group. For 32 years, this company has been setting standards in valve train technology. The company invests heavily in research and development to make sure you get only the best performance parts. Each Comp Cams part, like the components of the Comp Cams Bearing Set, undergoes rigorous quality tests. So whether your engine is built for the freeway or the racetrack, you simply can't go wrong with a Comp Camps product.

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