Comp Cams Camshaft & Accessories

If your vehicle's engine is having problems when taking air in or letting exhaust out properly, chances are, you need a new camshaft. Surely, you won't settle for just any kind of camshaft out there. But, of course, that doesn't mean you should get the most expensive one. If you want a top-quality camshaft that can give excellent results without breaking the bank, go for the Comp Cams camshaft.

This product is a modified, highly improved version of stock camshafts in the market. The Comp Cams camshaft is made to produce the best performance possible for any kind of application. So if you use this product, you can expect to get the benefits that only a Comp Cams product can give: superior throttle response, additional engine vacuum, and increased horsepower. The secret to this camshaft's exceptional performance? Its top-of-the-line lobe design. It allows the camshaft to quickly open valves, so it can run from 2000 to 6000 RPM range.

As we know, the engine's operations greatly rely on the timing of its parts; each has to perform its task precisely and accurately to get the best from your engine. But don't worry. The Comp Cams camshaft is made with world-class precision and accuracy. Its lift and duration, for example, measures exactly .0000001-inch and its bearing journal is exactly .0005-inch in diameter. It also uses the most precise gears and phase locators. That said, it doesn't take rocket Science to know that its manufacturer doesn't let any substandard product get out in the market. That's why if you see the name Comp Cams, you're guaranteed that you'll get the best product there is.

What's more, whether you're a speed-loving racer or just a typical car owner, there's a Comp Cams camshaft suitable for your car. This product is made using a variety of materials to suit different kinds of applications. Some Comp Cams camshaft types include Magnum Cams, Xtreme Energy Cams, Nitrous HP Cams, and Race Cams. And what's even better news for you is that you can skip that long trip to your local automotive store just to buy a camshaft. You don't even have to get up, because here at Parts Train, you can get the Comp Cams camshaft in just a few clicks! So what are you waiting for? Use our online catalog to place an order now!