Comp Cams Assembly Lube & Accessories

Friction—it's the one word that you don't want to be associated with your engine parts, especially when they're new. Think of it like this: more often than not, wearing a brand-new pair of shoes makes you feel uncomfortable. It may be too tight or too stiff—resulting in blisters and calluses on your poor feet. When you put a new part into your engine, it's the same. It may not work well with the other parts just yet, so you have to break it in. And to do that, you need to lubricate your engine parts. The Comp Cams assembly lube is made just for that.

The Comp Cams assembly lube ensures that your camshaft survives the most critical stage of its life—when it's newly installed. During the first few minutes when breaking it in, everything must run smoothly and properly; otherwise, the cam lobe can go flat and ruin the other parts of the engine. As we know, metal-to-metal contact produces friction, and that's damaging to the camshaft. To prevent this from happening, it's necessary to apply lubricant, which reduces friction between the parts and allows the engine to break in without damaging them. Using the Comp Cams assembly lube is thus highly recommended for this purpose.

Breaking in an engine is a meticulous process. Everything must be done exactly and correctly to avoid ruining the engine's parts. That's why no step must be skipped, even just applying the lubricant, to ensure that you don't damage your engine's internal parts. To use the Comp Cams assembly lube, spread it on the distributor gear, on the bottoms of the lifters, and on all lobes of the cam liberally. What's more, this product comes in different sizes: 4-, 8-, and 12-ounce bottles. You can also get in packs of six 4-ounce bottles.

And, of course, like other Comp Cams product, this lubricant comes with a limited warranty. So you don't need to worry, satisfaction is guaranteed! With the Comp Cams assembly lube, your engine will break in smoothly, easily, and safely. So what are you waiting for? Get it here from Parts Train! Using a new camshaft doesn't have to be as painful as wearing a pair of new shoes. Just use our online catalog to place an order for this product and we'll attend to it right away!