Cohline Car Parts & Accessories

If it's a power steering hose or a fuel line that you need for your ride, Cohline is the brand to trust. Why? Because this company has a sound reputation in manufacturing tube and hose line systems not only for the automotive sector but also for the wide range of auto parts suppliers out there. It employs a workforce of approximately 700 persons in its two locations in Germany and one each in England and the United States. What provides the company with the strength to stay competitive in an increasingly saturated market is the dedication of its team-oriented workforce.

For Cohline, quality is synonymous to fulfillment of its client's demand and requirements. All the employees of this company are quality orientated and are trained to always have positive attitude. They all work toward the realization of the company's quality plan which covers all areas. Among the essential principles of Cohline's quality plan are high machine and process capability, meeting important certification requirements, application of efficient quality assurance instruments and techniques and many others.

Some of the Cohline products available in many retailers around the country are reliable automotive hoses like power steering hose, fuel hose, brake booster vacuum hose, automatic transmission cooling hose, breather hose and many others. It also carries fuel and oil line systems including diesel injector line, oil line, power steering cooling line and fuel distributor line. Other products Cohline supplies the industry with are oil line ferrule, injector hose repair kit, and coolant bleed screw. The best thing is, most of these products come with Cohline's 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that what you are getting isn't substandard and is really worth your bucks.

When it comes to fuel lines and hoses, we must be very careful in choosing one. You are fortunate enough for having landed here in our site because we assure you that what you'll be paying for are all top-quality products. We carry a wide range of auto parts and accessories from world-class manufacturers like Cohline so you won't have any authenticity problem. So for all your auto parts needs, trust only Parts Train.