Champion Spark Plug & Accessories

If the right spark plug variety is what you're after, then a Champion Spark Plug is all you need. This spark plug comes in different types for different engine applications. For the high demands of pickup trucks and big vehicles, there's the Truck Plug Spark Plug. Compared to other spark plugs, it has larger center and ground electrodes for better conductivity and reliable performance. Also, this kind of spark plug has zirconium in its insulator, making it 40 % stronger and more durable for tough road conditions.

Next is the Double Platinum Power Spark Plug whose design is popularly used for distributorless ignition systems. It features platinum fine-wire, V-trimmed center, and ground electrodes that provide better spark focus. And because its electrodes are platinum-infused, it has greater resistance to wear and tear—just like Champion's Iridium Spark Plug that stabilizes ignition voltage while preventing corrosion. Both spark plugs have almost the same design; the only difference is the latter uses iridium instead of platinum. Another type of Champion Spark Plug is the Platinum Power Spark Plug with a platinum pad soldered to its center electrode. Its platinum composition gives it a long time service life, while its design maintains the right gap, which reduces the incidence of misfiring. Aside from all those types, Champion also produce the Copper Spark Plug. Though it's now rarely used for automobiles, it's widely being used by many industries for non-automotive purposes such as in household and power equipment.

Despite these spark plug design variations, you can be sure that every Champion Spark Plug is a resistor type spark plug with electrodes made with Champion's Heat-Active™ alloy. This exclusive alloy material allows the spark plug to reach and maintain operating temperatures faster, regardless of the engine load.

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