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Champion Plugs

One way to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly at all times is to equip it with Champion spark plugs. Installing Champion plugs may not seem much of an upgrade for your vehicle, but these plugs can do wonders for the fuel combustion process. Made for heavy-duty performance, each spark plug is specifically designed to bring unique benefits to your vehicle.

Champion offers various types of automotive spark plugs: Original Equipment (OE)-range plugs, EON plugs, Iridium plugs, double-platinum power plugs, platinum power plugs, truck plugs, and copper plus spark plugs. To match your needs more adequately, Champion produces four types of OE plugs (copper core, double copper, multi-electrode, and platinum). Whatever Champion plug you choose, you get the benefits of reliable engine performance and easy driving. But if you're looking for a spark plug that can give your vehicle an immediate throttle response and efficient cold-start fuel combustion, then the Champion EON spark plug is the right choice. Meanwhile, Iridium spark plugs are Champion's specialty because the brand pioneered the use of iridium spark plugs in the 1970s. These spark plugs' laser-locked iridium center electrode keeps electric voltages steady while resisting wear and tear and corrosion. On the other hand, Champion plugs with platinum-coated center and ground electrodes come with the advantage of accurate spark firing. These double-platinum power plugs also warm faster than their aftermarket counterparts.

You can even get Champion plugs for off-road vehicles or big rigs. For hassle-free traveling on off-road trails, you need a spark plug that can withstand harsh conditions and maintain consistent voltage. For this, Champion's platinum power spark plug is the perfect choice. And if you drive a pickup truck, your vehicle's spark plug must be as tough as the Champion truck spark plug. This plug has a heat-active alloy that allows the plug to reach ideal operating temperatures quickly. The truck spark plug's large center and ground electrodes also ensure higher conductivity.