Champion Glow Plug & Accessories

Diesel engines are designed to have high thermal energy in the combustion chamber before the fuel can be ignited. However, when the temperature starts to decrease during winter, you may start experiencing some problems. The truth is, low temperatures make it difficult for diesel engines to generate heat; but with the help of the Champion Glow Plug, things can be a lot easier.

Unlike most glow plugs, the Champion Glow Plug features a long post-heating technology, letting the heating coil heat more quickly. This results in quick warm up that helps in preheating air in the cylinder. With the Champion Glow Plug, you don't have to worry about starting your diesel engine during cold winter days because this product is perfect for the job. With this product, your engine will release less emission gases and facilitate smoother operations after the ignition.

Without a doubt, the Champion Glow Plug is the ultimate choice for winter-proofing diesel engines. This glow plug also lasts longer than others, thanks to its corrosion-resistant materials. Its reliability is not a question because it had gone through rigorous testing to meet OE standards in today's competitive diesel engine market. These tests include endurance testing at speed, cold-fouling testing, and extreme temperature testing. Matching the perfect Champion Glow Plug with your diesel-powered vehicle is also easy because this product comes in 4 mm, 5mm, and 6mm sizes. Also, you won't have any trouble installing this product in your vehicle.

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