Centric Brake Rotor & Accessories

The frequent use of your vehicle's braking system generates increased amounts of heat and friction. Although friction is the main force behind your vehicle's ability to stop or slow down, it can also cause the advanced wear and tear of your vehicle's brake parts. Take the brake rotor, for example. When your vehicle's brake rotor is over-exposed to friction, the resulting heat can cause the rotor's surface to crack or deform.

Warped brake rotors bring both good and bad results. On one hand, your braking system is almost useless without functional brake rotors. When you step on your vehicle's brakes, brake pads clamp against the brake rotor's surface to create the friction needed to stop the vehicle. If the brake pads can't properly hold on to the brake rotors' surface, your vehicle won't be able to decelerate or stop either. On the other hand, a damaged brake rotor gives you the opportunity to buy and install a Centric brake rotor. Essentially, all brake rotors are the same: they are heat-resistant, metal-alloy discs that are attached to your wheel bearing. However, what set a Centric brake rotor apart are its streamlined design and enhanced functions.

The Centric brake rotor offers basic brake rotor features, plus a number of perks. Each Centric brake rotor goes through double disc grinding, which ensures a non-directional finish. This unique finish ensures that brake pads can press on the brake rotor's surface more securely. Brake rotors from Centric also handle heat more efficiently, through center-split core casting. In turn, a Centric brake rotor lasts longer and saves you from buying replacement parts too often. All Centric brake rotors are also guaranteed to provide your vehicle with smooth, noise-free braking.

So when excessive friction takes its toll on your vehicle's stock brake rotors, make sure that only the best aftermarket brake rotors take their place. Fortify your vehicle's braking system with a Centric brake rotor. Don't trust any online auto parts store to supply you with premium Centric brake parts. Shop at Parts Train now and order the right Centric brake rotor for your vehicle.