Centric Brake Pad Sensor & Accessories

Regularly checking your vehicle's braking system for signs of deterioration is not always easy. Your vehicle's braking system is one of the most utilized systems when it comes to vehicle control. Through auto parts such as brake pads and brake rotors, you can stop or slow your vehicle safely anytime you want. Although your braking system is indispensable because of its functions, the system's location near your vehicle's wheels makes it difficult for you to physically check on the brake parts' condition.

Fortunately, Centric offers high-quality brake parts that help you monitor your vehicle's braking system. When your vehicle's brake pads carry a Centric brake pad sensor, you are automatically warned when the friction material on your brake pads become too worn-out. Once the brake rotor surface grinds against friction material that is below 2 millimeters, one end of the brake pad sensor is also chewed through. When the Centric brake pad sensor's wire touches the brake rotor's metal surface, an electric signal is sent to activate a flashing warning light on your dashboard. You shouldn't take this warning lightly, either. Without an adequate amount of friction material on their surfaces, the brake pads can't hold onto the brake rotor surface properly. In turn, this affects the brake pads' ability to stop your vehicle's wheels from rotating. With the help of a Centric brake pad sensor, you can make the necessary replacements before your vehicle's braking system totally fails.

Once the brake pad sensor sends out the electric signal, the brake pad sensor itself has to be replaced, as well. It's a small price to pay compared to the grave consequences of a dysfunctional braking system. When your braking system isn't equipped with a practical Centric brake pad sensor, you risk spending high amounts of money for repairs from collisions or accidents. It's better safe than sorry, right?

Centric's precision engineering for brake parts makes the brand trusted by many automotive enthusiasts. Aside from the Centric brake pad sensor, Centric also manufactures high-quality, durable auto parts such as brake pads and brake rotors. A braking system supported by Centric means convenience in braking system maintenance. If you need to order Centric products, stop by Parts Train and click around our online catalog.