Centerforce Release Bearing & Accessories

One of the important components in your vehicle's clutch system is the release bearing that play a vital role in the overall performance of your vehicle. The release bearing is situated between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers. As you step on the clutch pedal of your vehicle, the release bearing applies force into the fingers of the spinning pressure plate in order to release the clutch. And when you release the clutch pedal, the bearing becomes idle and ceases to be in contact with the pressure plate fingers.

Due to long and constant use of your automobile's clutch especially when you are into long distance driving, the release bearing will eventually wear out and will start to produce growling noises whenever you step on or off the clutch pedal. Early wear of the bearing can also occur if there is insufficient clutch play that will result the bearing to spin continuously. When you experience such things, you should already find a new quality replacement release bearing product for your vehicle. Do not worry that you will not find one, because Parts Train will always be here to provide you with all the vehicle needs.

We can provide you the Centerforce release bearing that features a unique design and is well crafted to work with the factory clutch components or with the performance components so you can get the optimum performance you expect from your vehicle without a major system overhaul. It basically consists of a ball bearing and a collar assembly, and is sealed to be able to hold in the grease packing, and designed to slip into your wheel's hub sleeve. Such design helps eliminate the need for greasing the bearing and helps reduce early wear out. Moreover, the said product is well engineered for an easy fit for your specific vehicle make and model so you will have a hassle free application. So if you really would like your vehicle to perform at its best, use Centerforce release bearing.