Centerforce Pressure Plate & Accessories

Your vehicle's clutch system is made up of many different parts that work all hand in hand. One of them is the pressure plate that includes the clutch plate, springs, cover, and release fingers. It is basically the pressure mechanism which clamps the disc into the flywheel to get your vehicle moving. By pressing into the clutch pedal, the pressure from the clutch disc to disengage the engine from the drive train for shifting or stopping is relieved. With the important function that the pressure plate performs, that is to apply pressure to the clutch disc for transfer of torque to your vehicle's transmission, you ought to keep it in its best working condition.

If you need to replace your vehicle's malfunctioning pressure plate, you can find a high quality replacement pressure plate product here at Parts Train. By simply browsing through our complete and extensive online catalog, you will find a wide array of pressure plates from different manufacturer. And one of our best-selling pressure plate brand products is those manufactured by Centerforce. They come in different styles and you can surely find one that will best suit your vehicle's needs as well as your own preference.

The Centerforce pressure plate is another high quality product exclusively made by Centerforce that is manufactured using premium quality materials to ensure its quality and efficiency. When it is installed in your vehicle, it will take charge of the centrifugal force produced by the spinning engine and then turns it into a clamping force into the clutch plate. The said product features a unique system of weights, which can slide into the pressure plate spring tines. So when the centrifugal force acts upon them, like when your vehicle is running at high RPM, the pressure plate presses harder and harder into the clutch disc and flywheel. This way, the pressure plate can give an incredible clamping force with less power application.