Centerforce Flywheel & Accessories

Centerforce for many years have been providing the automobile industry with high quality parts and components. And many vehicle customers rely on its products when it comes to their vehicle needs such as clutch, clutch disc and pressure plate among others because of their exceptional quality, reliability and efficiency. And because Centerforce is continually serving vehicle owners like you with quality parts and components, they want you to be able to take full advantage of your vehicle's optimum potential. As such, Centerforce has introduced its own version of flywheel to take on the hard clamping pressure of your vehicle's clutch.

In general, the flywheel is somewhat a large wheel connected into the crankshaft. Its main function is to provide momentum in order to keep the crankshaft turning without applying power. The high performance function of the Centerforce flywheel will be more evident if it is paired with the appropriate Centerforce clutch for your application. With these, you will be able to get the most absolute power transfer available. Also, the performance of your vehicle's clutch is further enhanced when the stock flywheel is also replaced at the same time. The Centerforce flywheel features starter ring gears that are mechanically retained and with replaceable steel friction surfaces, which have been specifically heat treated for abrasion resistance and long life.

Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide array of Centerforce products particularly flywheels. The Centerforce flywheel is available in aluminum and steel for most vehicle makes and models causing your vehicle will rev more freely, start more smoothly, and idle more steadily. If you want to experience all these advantages, have your vehicle well equipped with the Centerforce flywheel along with their other high quality Centerforce products. If you want to get one now, you can place your orders through our secure online site or via toll free hotline that is available round the clock.