Centerforce Clutch & Accessories

You know for a fact as a car owner and automobile enthusiast that the best way to get the best power output from your car's engine is through a good manual transmission. But such manual transmission will be worthless if it does not make use of a highly efficient and reliable clutch. The factory clutch incorporated into your vehicle is not specifically made and designed to handle the increased friction loads that modern vehicles have. This makes it practical for you to replace your vehicle's stock clutch with the more upgraded Centerforce clutch that offers a more reliable power transfer every time you need it.

The Centerforce clutch is basically a power of two clutches rolled into one that features a unique system of weights that applies more pressure as your vehicle's RPM increases. This only means that the said product is able to hold power without having a difficulty of releasing it. Furthermore, such product utilizes the same torque transfer properties as other clutches equipped with heavy duty springs, yet attains it with a lot lesser pressure on the pedal.

Here at Parts Train you can easily find Centerforce clutch products at a very practical cost. And if you want your driving machine to get an extreme clutch experience without tremendous workout and pressure, consider the use of other Centerforce products such as the pressure plate, throwout bearing and flywheel among others. If you want to avail now, you can conveniently place your order any time of the day through our secure online site or by calling our toll free hotline. Our very friendly customer service representatives are standing by and ready to assist you. You will surely be satisfied with our great deals and fast shipping process. So browse through our online catalog now.