Centerforce Car Parts & Accessories

Most of the stock clutch kits cannot withstand the challenge of performance modifications made with modern gasoline and diesel-powered engines. In order to match their power, your clutch must also be of high quality and sophisticated. Centerforce, a known leader in clutch technology, is offering you an effective way to enable the clutch of your vehicle stand the power of upgraded powerhouses.

To hold up your vehicle under the most demanding conditions and keep on performing for many miles, getting a Centerforce pressure plate, Centerforce clutch and Centerforce throw-out bearing installed to your vehicle is such a wise decision. These products have been proven to help make your vehicle get that extreme clutch performance without complaints of the extreme work and pressure. By their collective performance, the clutch will also be able to handle huge horsepower and torque outputs that powerful and modified engines normally generate. That's significantly due to the high-tech engineering and modern design employed by Centerforce to its products.

The Centerforce clutch is constructed from a durable billet steel pressure plate that exceeds normal stock standards for maximum safety and performance. It features the power of two clutches built into one with its unique system of weights that's capable of applying more pressure to the Centerforce clutch as RPM increases. In comparison to the opponent, the Centerforce clutch has more holding power, yet still easy to release. All the Centerforce products utilize a unique design whereby weights spin outwards as the engine speed increases, allowing the clutch to clamp down on the clutch plate with a tremendous amount of pressure. Another notable feature there is on a Centerforce clutch is that, it possesses the same torque properties like that of clutches with heavy-duty springs, but is able to achieve the same rate with a lot lesser pedal pressure necessary.

If you're no longer satisfied with the performance of your existing clutch, if it's already problematic, or if it doesn't match the performance of your engine, you should already consider securing a Centerforce clutch. And when it comes to the trusted dealer of Centerforce products, Parts Train is a reputable one. Getting a Centerforce clutch from Parts Train doesn't only mean quality assurance but also quick and efficient service from our company.