Carter Car Parts & Accessories

Who would have thought that a company, which started as a repair shop in March 1921, will become one of the country's leading suppliers to a vast majority of auto parts stores and dealers? Yes, Carter Automotive Warehouse started as a repair shop, servicing cars and tractors, and specializing in generator, magneto, and carburetor rebuilding. Its founder, Orvil W. Carter began such business at his home in Coffeyville. Delays caused by ordering auto parts from the manufacturer are a big no for this person so he started carrying inventory of repair parts. Because of that, other mechanics started purchasing their needed parts from him.

After realizing that there's a good market for auto parts, Orvil Carter hired a mechanic plus an outside salesman and started vending parts in Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas. More people were then added and its inventory of parts became larger. Orvil also began selling his own line of remanufactured generators, starters, and air cooled engine parts. Unfortunately, Carter's operation was destroyed by fire in 1948. Its employees managed to restart the business, retaining its name.

It was in the late 70s when Carter decided to focus on warehousing parts to auto parts retailers. Today, the company's products are recognized nationally as the one of the industry's leading quality brand names. Whether you need an electric or a mechanical fuel pump, this company has a high-quality OE replacement for you! It also supplies many other components especially for the fuel and ignition systems of almost all makes and models. The good thing about Carter is, it doesn't only offer retailers with quality auto parts; it also provides vehicle owners with tech tips in its website. So if you want to save time and money by performing do-it-yourself jobs, do visit the company's website and get the know-how and expert advice you need.

Carter's reputation and high-quality products allow it to be always competitive in an increasingly saturated market. Good news! The Carter auto parts you need for your ride is available in this site anytime of the day. Do browse our listings to find out just how extensive our selections are. Here, brand-conscious vehicle owners like you will never leave unsatisfied.