Carriage Works Wiper Motor Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works refers to both the brand and company that specializes in the manufacture of aftermarket automotive accessories and products. Carriage Works wiper motor cover is one of the many aftermarket products of Carriage Works. A wiper motor cover is a hard plastic cover that houses the wiper motor. The wiper motor can be found on the interior windshield. It is attached to the wiper arm outside the windshield. Its main purpose is to drive the windshield wiper. All motors rotate and the wiper motor is not an exception, although the wiper arm sweeps the windshield in an arc motion. Cogs attached to the wiper motor allow the translation of rotational motion into arc and repetitive motion.

A rubber strip is attached to the wiper arm. It is this rubber strip that is responsible for cleaning the windshield. Typically, a water squirt mechanism is incorporated in the wiper system. This mechanism allows the wiper to be more effective. Dirt on the windshield is dissolved by the water as the wiper arm sweeps the dirt away. The motion of the wiper arm is a simple and repetitive left and right arc motion that allows the rubber on the wiper arm to have contact on a fixed area on the surface of the windshield. Aside from cleaning dirt on the windshield, the wiper allows the driver to see clearly when it is raining by clearing away the flow of water on the windshield surface.

By housing the motor and cog, the wiper motor cover protects the assembly and provides structural support. The motor is prevented from being contaminated by dirt and moisture. The plastic wiper motor cover also holds the switch and circuitry of the motor. Replacing a cracked or damaged wiper motor cover is essential in maintaining the wiper mechanism. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best aftermarket wiper components at very affordable price. We offer complete wiper assembly as well as separate components.