Carriage Works Step Bumper & Accessories

A Carriage Works step bumper is an aftermarket automotive accessory that can be installed in the bumper of your vehicle to provide extra functionality. The step bumper is a foldable extension of the bumper that can be used as extra step. This is especially useful when you are examining the engine under the hood. If your vehicle is tall, you will need an extra step such as a small bench to comfortably access the engine under the hood of your vehicle. On the other hand, if there is no bench around, you may strain yourself and get cramps when tip toeing while leaning over the engine of the vehicle.

Step bumpers are functional accessories that can be installed on the bumpers of vehicles. Ideally, taller vehicles such as pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles must have step bumpers for easy access. Step bumpers are commonly installed on the front part of the vehicle to provide easy access on the engine under the hood. However, step bumpers can also be installed on the rear part of the vehicle. Rear step bumpers provide easy access on the roof deck of the vehicle. Rear step bumpers are particularly useful when you are loading or unloading cargoes from the roof rack of an SUV.

Step bumpers can either be tucked underneath the chassis of the vehicle or they can be folded. A foldable step bumper has a hinge that is used as pivot. A locking mechanism automatically snaps whenever, you fold the step bumper. This secures the step bumper. Even when the vehicle is running on bumpy roads, the vibrations cannot unlock the locking mechanism. However, during collisions, the step bumper may become irreparably damaged. Hence, replacing it is the only solution. Here at Parts Train, you can find the best aftermarket automotive products and accessories, including step bumpers. Simply browse our online catalog and put your order online.