Carriage Works Steering Column Cover & Accessories

Automobiles are not all about performance or functionality. Automobiles are also about elegance and style. Otherwise, automobiles would be devoid of beauty. Automobiles would be just a running frame, without any paneling, paint or upholstery. A Carriage Works steering column cover is an aftermarket automotive accessory that can be installed in your vehicle to replace the original steering column cover. A steering column cover is a plastic or fiberglass cover that encases the external steering column. Its main purpose is aesthetics. Although steering is still possible without the steering column cover, the steering column would look bare and thin without the cover. The steering column cover also holds the electrical components of the steering column like the ignition and automobile honk wirings.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the steering column cover design also varies. Typically, a steering column cover is consists of two separate pieces that can be joined together like the shell of a peanut to form a complete case for the steering column. There are several peripheral components that can be attached to the steering column cover. These peripheral components allow the driver to control the other aspects of the car function. The most essential peripheral component is the ignition switch. The ignition switch is the switch that can only be operated using a key. By turning the ignition switch, the automobile can be started.

Another important peripheral component that protrudes the steering column is the shift lever. Most vehicles with automatic transmission have a shift lever located on the steering column. A variety of color coded wires can be found inside the steering column cover. These wires correspond to the automobile honk circuit, the ignition wire circuit and signal light circuit. Here at Parts Train, we provide dependable and high quality steering column cover for different types of vehicles.