Carriage Works Speaker Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works has many and varied products intended to increase the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your vehicle. The Carriage Works speaker cover is one of the many aftermarket products that can improve the overall appearance of the interior of your vehicle. A speaker cover is a meshed cover that can be installed on the speaker of your automobile sound system. Since there are varied speaker designs, the speaker cover also has varied designs that can perfectly fit specific speaker designs. Carriage Works also offers custom-made speaker covers. The basic speaker cover design is the circular speaker cover. The circular speaker cover can fit most of the standard automobile speakers.

Typically, automobile speakers are integrated on the interior paneling of the automobile. The manufacturers usually install at least four speakers in an automobile. Two speakers can be found on the front roof area, while another pair can be found on the rear upper roof area. The locations of the automobile speakers are crucial in making the sound more realistic and pleasing. Placing the speakers on these locations allows the sound system to be authentically a surround sound system. Automobile speakers are typically small and almost inconspicuous. However, the shape may vary from circular to rectangular.

Some automobile speakers have accompanying lights. An automobile sound system is typically comprised of a radio set and a CD player. The sound system cam be directly controlled from the driver's seat. Nonetheless, some control panels may also be found near the passenger seats. When installing speaker covers, you need to first remove the original speaker cover. Speaker coves are typically screwed on the interior wall paneling. On the other hand, some speaker covers may be glued. You should be sure that the replacement speaker cover matches the original speaker cover. You may need to do some drilling to install a new speaker cover. Parts Train is a one stop shop for different automotive accessories, including speaker covers.