Carriage Works Seat Riser & Accessories

Carriage Works specializes in aftermarket automotive accessories that can make driving more comfortable. One of the accessories that can be added to your car to make driving more comfortable is the Carriage Works seat riser. This product is not a mechanical device that needs complicated installation process. Although you might be thinking of a motorized mechanism similar to the seat posture adjuster already installed in your vehicle seat, this product is much simpler. A Carriage Work seat riser is intended for the driver seat. Its main purpose is to elevate the level of the driver seat so that if the driver is a bit short, he or she can comfortably be postured.

A seat riser is nothing but a seat padding that can simply be put on the driver seat to increase the thickness of the seat. It is comprised of a metal or fiber glass frame with foam padding. The seat riser is enclosed inside leather upholstery that can match the upholstery finish of the seats of your car. This allows the seat riser to completely blend. There are instances that even when you adjust the seat posture adjuster of your vehicle seat, the height and angle of the seat are still not enough to make you feel comfortable. If you are a short person, driving a car can really be very difficult and uncomfortable.

Purchasing a seat riser is a simple yet effective way of adapting to the seat of your vehicle without the need for replacing or remodeling the driver seat. Even persons with normal height can enjoy using the seat riser. Your body can be ergonomically postured so that optimal driving comfort can be achieved. Some seat riser designs also feature adjustable seat level. Depending on your needs, you can purchase seat risers of different heights. Seat risers can also be used in passenger seats. There are seat risers intended for children. Here at Parts Train, we offer all types of seat risers for any applications.