Carriage Works Seat Belt Pad & Accessories

When it comes to safe driving, seat belts are essential safety features of an automobile. A seatbelt prevents injuries by stopping the forward motion of the body of the wearer. Thus, impacts are averted by wearing a seatbelt. The seatbelt secure a passenger on the seat. During a sudden stop due to collision or braking, the momentum of the body is preserved. Forward motion of the body is arrested before it impacts on an obstacle. An estimated 50% of potential fatalities due to automobile accidents are prevented by wearing seatbelts. However, wearing seatbelts should be as comfortable as possible. Thus, seatbelt pads like the Carriage Works seat belt pad are available as aftermarket products.

A seatbelt pad can be added on a seatbelt to provide extra comfort for the wearer. A seatbelt pad is comprised of a foam padding that can be slid on the seatbelt. Although most industrialized countries have strict laws on the wearing of seatbelts, coercive powers of laws are sometimes not enough to convince people to religiously wear seatbelts when driving. Most people would simply ignore wearing seatbelts if there are no law enforcement officers within their immediate vicinity. Wearing seatbelts is also a habit that must be regularly practiced to make it second nature to most people.

However, how can the habit of wearing seatbelts be encouraged if wearing seatbelts becomes too uncomfortable? Hence, the Carriage Works seat belt pad is made available in the market in order for motorists not to get too frustrated in wearing seatbelts. The seatbelt pad eliminates the discomfort brought about by wearing tight seatbelts. Even when seatbelts are not too tight, they may also result in discomfort when worn for a prolong period of time. The seatbelt pad cushions the body contact with the seatbelt. Thus wearing a seatbelt will not bother the wearer. Here at Parts Train, we offer stylish and reliable seatbelt pads for all types of automobile.