Carriage Works Heater Box Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works heater box cover is an aftermarket automotive component that can be purchased to replace the original heater box cover of an automobile. A heater box cover resembles a Venetian blind. It has adjustable window fins to channel the heat being blown by the heater box. The heater box cover has two layers of Venetian-like blinds. One is arranged horizontally while the other is arranged vertically. Air flow can be channeled upwards, downwards or sideways. The heater box is located on the lower portion of the dashboard. Since hot air has the tendency to go upwards, the heater box is more effective in that position. On the other hand, the heater box cover provides precise control on the direction of air being blown from the heater box.

A heater box contains the heater core and an air blower. The heater core is actually a small radiator similar to the main radiator of the automobile. This radiator derives heat from the thermal energy generated by the engine through fuel combustion. Heat is carried from the engine block to the heater core via a coolant, which is a mixture of water and ethylene glycol, an anti-freeze. The Anti-freeze component is mixed to the water to prevent crystallization of water during cold weather conditions. If the water crystallized, obviously, it will not be able to circulate. Hence, the heater will cease to function.

A centrifugal water pump drives the coolant to circulate. The water pump creates a partial vacuum that draws the coolant from the engine to the heater core. Water coolant exits the heater core and returns to the water reservoir. From the water reservoir, the coolant circulates the engine block. The heat from the engine block is absorbed by the coolant before it is returned to the heater core. The air blower blows air on the heater core to warm the air current inside the automobile cabin. The heater box cover channels this warm air current. Here at Parts Train, you can find dependable heater box covers at very affordable price.