Carriage Works Grille Shell & Accessories

A grille shell like the Carriage Works grille shell is an aftermarket automotive accessory that can be attached on the front portion of your vehicle to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Basically, a grille shell is a frame that encompasses the grille and the front lights. This frame traces the contours or shapes of the front portion of an automobile. Different automobile models have specific grille shell design. A grille shell is typically installed along with grille inserts. Together, they form a grille shell kit. A grille shell is commonly constructed out of metal. Stainless steel plated with chrome is the common motif of a grille shell.

A grille shell accentuates the grille and the front lights of a vehicle by forming a frame around these structures. The otherwise bare features of the front fascia of your car will be drastically improved by installing a grille shell. Installing a grille shell is simple. It does not require special skills or special tools. Drilling, cutting, or welding is seldom required to install the grille shell. Aside from decorative purpose, the grille shell also serves a functional purpose. It helps in securing the front lights of the vehicle. During bumpy rides, the grille shell aids in preventing the front lights from falling off. The grille shell also serves as structural support for the grille insert.

Corrosions and paint pealing-off can be hidden by the grille shell. Eventually, corrosion may gradually spread on the grille shell. Corrosion usually starts from moisture trapped inside the grille shell. To prevent this from happening, the grille shell must be tightly installed. Sealing the grille shell may require automotive glue or sealant. If you are looking for attractive and durable grille shells, you have come to the right place. Parts Train offers a wide option of different aftermarket automotive accessories, including grille shells. Simply browse our online catalog to search for the grille shell that you need and place your order online.