Carriage Works Graphic Equalizer Plate & Accessories

Most modern automobiles feature sound and entertainment systems. The control panel of these systems is typically located on the dashboard of the vehicle, where it can easily be accessed by the driver or the front seat passenger. One of the standard features of a car sound system is the graphic equalizer. It is called as such because it features different sliding switches that collectively resemble a graph. The graphic equalizer controls the balance and quality of sound. The sliding switches can be adjusted to mix the sound in a manner that is pleasing to the listener. A graphic equalizer panel typically features numbers in terms of Hertz. These numbers correspond to the intensity of sound. Sound can be of higher pitch or lower pitch. Ambient noise or static sound can be eliminated by adjusting the graphic equalizer.

A graphic equalizer plate like the Carriage Works graphic equalizer plate is the plate that supports the sliding switches. It is the one on which the calibration numbers are printed. It is typically a hard plastic plate with slit openings corresponding to the various sliding switches. It covers the graphic equalizer box. It is divided into two regions. One half of it represents the bass sound range. Another half of it represents the treble sound range.

When adjusting the quality and intensity of sound, the different switches on the graphic equalizer plate can simply be manipulated. Some people prefer the V-formation because it is visually appealing. The central sliding switch is at the lowest level. The succeeding sliding switches to the right and to the left of the central sliding switch gradually increase in level, thus, creating the V-formation. Nonetheless, the V-formation really has no direct relationship with the quality of sound. Different types of music require different mixing. If you want to purchase high quality graphic equalizer plates, do your shopping here at Parts Train.