Carriage Works Glove Box Door & Accessories

Automobiles have dashboards that contain the gauges or meters, control panels, and storage compartments. One of the most versatile storage compartments on the dashboard is the glove box. As the name implies, this compartment is intended to store gloves. However, it can also be used to store various items such as food, beverages, maps, documents, and knickknacks. The glove box is typically lined with soft fabric or rubber lining. A glove box door like the Carriage Works glove box door secures the contents of the glove box. The glove box door is typically constructed out of wooden or fiber glass material. Its main purpose is to cover the glove box. It may also be lined with soft fabric in the interior and leather lining on the outside. It may also feature a lock for further security. Thus, valuables such as jewelry can be left inside the glove box.

Soft fabric or rubber lining inside the glove box protects the contents from impact brought about by engine vibrations and bumps on the road. The soft texture of the interior lining of the glove box absorbs the force of impact and cushions the contents. This is particularly important if the contents are fragile. On the other hand, the glove box door assures that the contents of the glove box will not be thrown out. Typically a glove box door is rectangular in shape and features a lock mechanism.

The lock mechanism of the glove box door provides extra security for the glove box contents. This will allow you to leave valuable items inside the glove box such as cash, jewelry or cellular phones. The lock mechanism can be secured and opened using a key. A glove box door can be installed using two special hinges that are typically spring loaded. Parts Train offer durable and attractive glove box covers.