Carriage Works Fuse Box Cover & Accessories

Car fuses are the first ones to be burned out during power overloads or short circuits. Car fuses prevent damage on the other electrical components of an automobile. They also prevent fire by stopping the flow of electricity. Overheating of electrical components is prevented in this manner. Igniting flammable components of the vehicle such as upholstery, wall padding and fuel is averted. A fuse box cover like Carriage Works fuse box cover protects the car fuses from being ripped out or being exposed to destructive elements such as moisture. The fuse box cover also prevents debris or dirt from entering the fuse box. A car fuse box is typically found under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel.

A fuse box and its cover are typically constructed out of plastic or non-conductive materials. The non-conductive material of the fuse box allows the car fuses to function efficiently without the danger of short circuit or overheating. Typically there are several car fuses inside the fuse box. Each fuse corresponds to a particular electrical component or electrical system. There are separate sets of car fuse for the headlights. There are separate sets of car fuse for the signal lights. There are separate sets of car fuse for the air conditioning system. There are also separate sets car fuse for the heating system. There are separate sets of car fuse for the entertainment system.

A car fuse is a glass vial with metal caps on either ends. Inside the vial is a thin metal strip. This thin metal strip is usually made from zinc or tin or any metal that can easily melt. This thin metal strip is designed to melt when the current that flows in the electrical circuit suddenly rose. During a short circuit, two un-insulated wires of opposite charge have contact with each other. This causes the wires to heat up. However, before the wires heat up to critical level, the fuse automatically cuts off the flow of electricity. However, when a fuse burns up, it cannot be used again. Here at Parts Train we offer high quality fuse box covers at very competitive price.