Carriage Works Door Vent Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works refers to the brand and the manufacturer of aftermarket automotive accessories. This company specializes in the manufacture of paneling, grille, covers and other attachable accessories such as the Carriage Works door vent cover. An automobile door is actually a hollow structure with internal components. Inside the automobile door, you can find a window motor, which allows the window to be electronically controlled; window arm, an extendable arm attached to the window glass, resembling a pantograph; electrical wires, which connect to different electrical components; and, the lock mechanism, which secures the door when closed. Typically, an air conditioning blower is also included in the door mechanism.

Cold air is blown through a vent found on the interior paneling of the door. A door vent cover like the Carriage Works door vent cover protects the air blower. It prevents debris, food, piece of clothing, and body parts from accidentally getting entangled with the blower fan blades. The door vent cover resembles a Venetian blind. The angle of the blind can be changed to channel the direction of the air being blown. The blower fan is powered by an electric motor. Control buttons of the blower fan can be found on the door panel itself, near the control buttons of the window.

When not in used, the door vent cover is typically closed to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the door paneling. If dirt is allowed to accumulate inside the door panel, the normal function of the internal components might be interrupted. The electrical motors are particularly sensitive to dirt. Dirt may cause short circuits. On the other hand, accumulated biodegradable dirt such as food debris may encourage the growth of fungus. Fungi are health hazards that can cause respiratory ailments. If you are looking for durable door vent covers, Parts Train offers the best aftermarket products at very affordable price.