Carriage Works Door Jam Vent Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works door jam vent cover is an aftermarket product that can be installed in your vehicle to protect the door jam vent. It is billet aluminum or steel cover with vent slits. The vent slits allow air to circulate inside the door jam to prevent vacuum locking. Vacuum locking occurs when there is a difference in pressure between the outside environment and the interior of the door jam. The door jam is located on the lower part of the body panel where the front door is hinged. Its main purpose is to secure the door when it is closed. It prevents the door from accidentally opening. It also prevents the door from opening too wide. The door does not need to be locked to be tightly closed.

The door jam is actually a shock absorber. It resemble an over extended push button. It cushions the automobile door when so that it can gently be opened. It absorbs some of the compressive force and impact of the door. The door jam is a shock absorber that cushions the door. Air pressure can also suddenly rise between the door edge and the automobile body panel where the door is attached. The sudden rush of air and pressure buildup may cause difficulty in opening the door. Hence, a vent is necessary to allow air to flow and minimize air pressure. The door jam vent cover serves as protection for the door jam vent.

Without the door jam vent cover, debris and dirt can easily enter the door jam vent. The door jam vent also serves as entry point for air when all the windows and doors of the car are closed. The door jam vent helps the automobile cabin to be ventilated. Parts Train offers the best aftermarket automotive products and accessories, including door jam vent cover. Our online catalog features the widest selection of different automotive parts and accessories.