Carriage Works Dash Trim & Accessories

Carriage Works dash trim is an aftermarket accessory that can be installed on the dashboard of your vehicle to improve or customize its aesthetic appeal. A dash trim can be a simple paneling or lining that can be added on the dashboard as decorative accessory. It may be bolted on or simply glued in place. Although a dash trim may not increase the functionality of the dashboard, it can nonetheless provide some gratification on the part of the vehicle owner. Admiration or compliments are enough payoffs on the part of the vehicle owner. Typically, the dash trim is metallic of motif. However, there are other designs that feature other motifs such as tortoise or wooden motif.

Dash trims can be installed around the rims of the dashboard. The dashboard is the interior paneling in front of the driver. It contains the automobile gauges or meters such as the odometer, the speedometer, oil pressure meter, the fuel meter, the battery meter, and the rpm meter. It also contains the radio, control panels and compartments. The dashboard may also contain the airbag. Wirings and other electrical components are hidden within the dashboard. It protects some of the internal components and also serves as structural support for other components. Adding dash trims will enhance the appearance of the dashboard. It will not anymore be just a functional paneling but also an aesthetically appealing interior component of an automobile.

Installing a dash trim is simple. Instruction manuals are typically included in the package when you purchase a brand new dash trim set. All you have to do is to follow the instructions in the manual. Drilling, cutting or welding is seldom necessary when installing a dash trim. Installing dash trims may only involve gluing the trims or bolting them on. Here at Parts Train, we provide high quality and very attractive dash trims at very affordable price.