Carriage Works Dash Bezel & Accessories

Carriage Works dash bezel is an aftermarket accessory that can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the interior of your vehicle. Typically, a dash bezel is constructed out of fiber glass or carbon fiber materials. It can be purchased to customize the dashboard of your vehicle. A dash bezel can be bought either in one piece or in separate units. A dash bezel is a frame that has precisely machined windows that correspond to the different dash components. A set of bezel windows may correspond to the dash gauges or meters. Another set of windows may correspond to the radio and CD player. Another set of windows may correspond to the heater, ventilation and air conditioning outlets on the dashboard.

Dash bezels like the Carriage Works dash bezel are available in many designs and color schemes. Most designs are plain black or grey. On the other hand, some designs are more decorative, featuring wooded or marble motif. The window frames of the bezel may also feature gilded decorations. Dash bezels are commonly constructed out of tough materials such as carbon fiber and fiber glass. These materials are durable and resilient to many forms of abuses. Temperature variations, impacts, beverage spillages and corrosions are virtually meaningless against the dash bezel. Carbon fiber and fiber glass materials are light weight but very rigid. They can easily be molded to perfectly fit any type, make or model of vehicle. There is always a specific dash bezel design for a specific type of vehicle.

Dash bezels are not only decorative accessories, they are also functional accessories. Aside from hiding the unattractive internal components of the dashboard, the dash bezel also protects the internal components. It also provides structural support for the dashboard equipment. Purchasing a new dashboard bezel is a long-term investment. It pays off in terms of admiration and practical utility. If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing and durable dash bezels, Parts Train is the right online store to do your shopping. We provide the widest options of aftermarket automotive accessories and products.