Carriage Works Cruise Control Lever Cover & Accessories

The modern cruise control system was invented by the blind inventor and mechanical engineer, Ralph Teetor. His idea was prompted by his frustrations and annoyance one day while riding in a car driven by his lawyer. The lawyer constantly varied the speed of the car while making conversation. He slowed down while talking and speeded up when listening. Ralph Teetor conceptualized a system that would free the driver from constantly adjusting speed to compensate for the situation. Teetor's system constantly adjusted the throttle of the engine based on the rotations of the driveshaft. A cruise control lever cover was part of this system. Aftermarket products such as the Carriage Works cruise control lever cover can be installed to replace the original cover.

A cruise control lever is a mechanical component that is manually operated. It can typically be found adjacent to the manual transmission lever. You can set the speed limit of your vehicle by adjusting this lever. Setting the cruise control lever frees you from constantly adjusting speed while driving. Going up or down a slope, for instance, requires constant change of speed because of the varying load demand on the engine. When going up a slope, the engine is actually required to exert more effort to counteract the pull of gravity against the mass of the vehicle. On the other hand, if the vehicle is going down a slope, the engine exerts less effort because gravity pulls the vehicle down, thus, aiding the vehicle.

Varying load resistance also has a proportional effect on the speed of the vehicle. Hence, when the vehicle is goi8ng up a slope, it has the tendency to slow down. On the other hand, if the vehicle is going down a slope, it has the tendency to speed up. However, these tendencies can be potentially disastrous. Nonetheless, by setting the cruise control lever, speed can be maintained. Here at Parts Train, we offer dependable aftermarket cruise control lever cover that can effectively protect the cruise control lever of your vehicle.