Carriage Works Cruise Control Box Cover & Accessories

Carriage Works cruise control box cover is an aftermarket product that can be purchased and installed in your vehicle. The cruise control is a programmable system that automatically controls the speed of an automobile. It maintains the speed of an automobile during a long drive. It is also called speed control or auto cruise. The driver of an automobile may set the speed for his or her vehicle by pressing the cruise control buttons typically found on the steering wheel. Speed is maintained by the system by taking over the throttle of the vehicle. The throttle is the mechanism that controls the flow and amount of air that enter the combustion chambers.

By continually adjusting the amount of air and air flow speed, the cruise control system is able to maintain the speed of the vehicle. The cruise control system is a combination of electrical and mechanical components. The electronic components include the buttons, the electric motor, the sensors and the wirings. On the other hand, the mechanical components include the cogs or gears and the throttle itself. The cruise control box contains the electric motor and gears or servo mechanism. This mechanism is connected to the throttle via a cable that is pulled to adjust the opening of the throttle. A cruise control box covers the cruise control box.

Speed control utilizing a centrifugal governor was introduced in the early development of the automobile, as early as the 1910s. This system allowed the automobile to maintain constant speed whether climbing up or climbing down a slope. It utilized centrifugal force to adjust the throttle position to compensate for the load of the vehicle. On the other hand, the truly modern cruise control was invented in 1945 by the blind inventor, Ralph Teetor. The system that he invented calculated the speed of the vehicle by counting the rotations of the driveshaft. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best cruise control system at very affordable price.