Carriage Works Car Parts & Accessories

In 1981, the Carriage Works was founded by Curt Cunningham, a dedicated custom street-rod builder. The company's excellence has been proven for over 25 years and still remains the same, providing quality parts and service for its customers. The truth is that, Carriage Works is the pioneer of the billet grille industry, wherein its one-off custom grille designs have become famous for street rods.

The Carriage Works utilizes state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of the highest quality billet grilles and accessories for trucks and SUV's. The attention to detail along with hands-on craftsmanship and a high-tech computer design enable Carriage Works to consistently produce the highest quality and best-fitting custom grilles on the market today. Each billet grille is tested and inspected to guarantee durable construction that can withstand the test of time, so as to provide automobiles nice restyling.

To perfectly fit to specific vehicle models, Carriage Works has custom-designed their grilles according to different vehicle specifications. It also allows you to choose from three finishes and hundreds of styles available for your vehicle. Highly polished, custom brushed and subdued black are the finish choices which you can employ to your truck or SUV in order to get that distinctly unique look.

Moreover, every Carriage Works billet grille can easily mount over your existing grille with no cutting or major modifications needed. You also have the choice of mounting designs such as the bolt-over, bolt into opening and bolt behind opening. The mounting design you choose will also affect the aesthetic transformation that the accessory would bring to your truck or sport utility vehicle.