Carrand Wheel Brush & Accessories

As one of the most punished and battered parts of your vehicle, your wheels deserve a break every now and then. The best way to treat your wheels is to clean and maintain them regularly. But that's not just any ordinary cleaning we're talking about. What you need is the service of only the best car care products to maintain your rims, better, make them look good as new. A staple item for such job is the Carrand Wheel Brush.

Carrand is one of the leading manufacturers of quality car care products and accessories in the automotive market. Its business principle is anchored on improvement and innovation. This principle is highly evident on how Carrand designs its products, for instance, its wheel brush. The Carrand Wheel Brush is engineered to effectively clean your wheels without harming its natural color and texture. It features a scour pad that can successfully brush off dirt and other filth surrounding your wheels. In addition, this wheel brush also comes with a super soft feather-tipped bristles that allow you to clean those hard-to-reach areas without any hassle. Such a nifty item!

Moreover, the Carrand Wheel Brush is a lot more durable compared to other ordinary cleaning materials like rags, cloths, and sponges. It's crafted from premium-grade materials that are meant to last. Additionally, it also features an extra long 20-inch non-slip handle, so you can have a firm grip on the brush. With this wheel brush to help you out, getting rid of all the dirt and grime on your tires and wheels is just easy and quick.

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