Carrand Wash Mitt & Accessories

We all know how irritating it is to have a dirty car. Not only does it look ugly, but it can also compromise your ride's performance. Bugs, tar, muck, and mud spills are some of those that can mess up your vehicle's surface. To prevent these from tarnishing your vehicle's looks, you must always subject your car to routine cleaning. In addition, you need to use the proper wiping materials, say a wash mitt. However, you shouldn't just settle for those run-of-the-mill wash mitts since they could very well ruin your car's paint finish in no time. What you need is the Carrand Wash Mitt!

Carrand is an esteemed manufacturer of car care products and accessories that promote function and comfort. These traits are actually shown in the way Carrand lays out the designs of its products. For example, its wash mitts. The Carrand Wash Mitt is made of soft wool fabric, which proves to be effective in wiping out dirt on your vehicle's finish. This special wash mitt also features a deep plush pile microfiber to effectively remove dirt and debris. And since it's made from microfiber materials, the Carrand Wash Mitt is a lot more absorbent compared to your ordinary rag or cloth.

The Carrand Wash Mitt also features poly-mesh netting and elastic cuffs. With this design, you can remove stains and other road grime without marring your car's paint finish. In addition, this wash mitt is a lot more durable—use it again and again, no problem. Too, it comes with a waterproof lining, which prevents your hands from getting wet or soiled while cleaning. By using the Carrand Wash Mitt, scrubbing all those nasty things festering your car can be done with ease, in no time.

Effectively keeping dirt away from your automobile is indeed possible with the Carrand Wash Mitt. This product is available here at Parts Train, where online shopping is easy and affordable. To order it, simply browse our online catalog. Whether you prefer a microfiber, sheepskin, or chenille wash mitt, we have it for you. So if you're looking to clean and pamper your car's finish without spending too much money, purchase a Carrand Wash Mitt now!