Carrand Tire Wash & Accessories

Your tires are the most battered parts of your car. Tires take road punishment on a daily basis and they're often exposed to heavy amounts of dirt, mud, and grime. Apart from being an eyesore, these unwanted sediments will creep into your rims, leading to rust and corrosion. So what can you do about it? Your best solution is to get a Carrand Tire Wash from Parts Train.

The Carrand Tire Wash cleans your tires without harming its natural color and texture. It comes with a snap-in variable power nozzle that also serves as a handle. This tire wash can also be applied on your wheels. It even comes with a specially designed brush that easily fits the opening of alloy wheels. Aside from its cleaning features, the Carrand Tire Wash is a lot more durable compared to other cleaning products. It has a contoured handle that is designed to give you comfort that doesn't compromise function. If you want to have more leverage to clean those hard-to-reach areas of your tires, no problem. This tire wash can easily be attached to any standard pole. With this tire wash to help you out, you'll be rid of all tire dirt and grime in no time.

The Carrand Tire Wash comes from a leading manufacturer of high-quality car care products and accessories: Carrand. The company's business principle is focused on improvement and innovation, which is evident on how the company designed its cleaning products. Carrand has over 200 cleaning products, each designed for different applications. The Carrand product line, including the Carrand Tire Wash, is now available at Parts Train.

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